Sporktown's Epic Syt

What will I put here?

Hello this is a website created by me sort of. Hello. Let's see if I can't put things here.

I am going to try to put various writings on this site. Hopefully I can get this working ok.

Gonna try to use what the site has here. Like this link which will connect.. somewhere. Oh uhh let's try to put my twitter here! Twitter! I hate twitter.

OH! I have a discord server!. HERE!

Check the links in the sidebar for more uuuuh fuyck I dunno!!!!

Main Stories!

Shatter The Earth My current longest story. This is a story about an aimless 20 something loser of a girl who works a dead end job in a bowling alley and dreams of having enormous power. Or maybe even a little power, as a treat.

Metameria Three witches are forced out of their coven and thrust into an unforgiving and strange alien dimension.

Tiny Little Scraps and Things

This is where I will put various tiny writings that I don't intend to ever return to. Just stuff done for fun randomly. To blow off steam or boredom or what have you.

A Looming Edifice This was going to be a silly story about an earth long since conquered by vampires. The main character would be a cute little werewolf girl. It didn't really go anywhere but I like the mood and vibe. This is from years ago. 2019 I believe. I try not to look upon it as harshly as I would my current writing.

Unthinkable I wrote this while I was feelin some kinda way. Content warnings for uh... murder and such.